RedAnt ERP Suite is the solution used for accomplishing the comprehensively integrated management of logistics, cash flow and information flow. It includes multiple management subsystems and adopts modularized design method to effectively integrate and globally share enterprise information resources. Besides owning those abundant functions, the desktop ERP system also equipped with Web, Phone, Tablet office solutions can fully meet application needs of different companies, and help them optimize resource management and achieve the best benefits.

Logistics Application

RedAnt system is the best management solution for international freight forwarding enterprises. It centres on the freight forwarding business process, combining all aspects management functions of ocean, air, trucking business and finance to corporately manage business and finance information. It directly connects with customs data for real-time acquiring feedback information from customs, that can ensure forwarding process will be effectively executed and help enterprise enhance the quality of service and core competence.

Financial Application

RedAnt Accounting is a solution to offer the centralized and informationized management in enterprise financial resources. It has a full set of financial management functions and provides enterprise with a safe, practical and flexible financial management platform. The precise financial data and report analysis from system can assist management in carrying out decisions and rationally using funds to raise the enterprise's economic benefits.

Warehouse Application

RedAnt WMS is a professional solution for warehouse information management. Its functions through out the entire warehouse business process and also support multi-warehouse and overseas warehouse management, so as to meet a variety of complex warehouse management needs. It makes warehouse operations informationized, that will assist enterprise in accurately and effectively controlling of logistics tracking and cost management and realizing the visual management of goods from factory to consumption process.

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